Exploring the Importance of Quality Management Practices and Influencing Factors of Construction Projects’ Quality in Nigeria

  • Olatunji Joseph Oladiran University of Lagos
  • Dele Rogers Simeon
  • Oluwapelumi Joshua Abiodun Department of Engineering, Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation
Keywords: Importance, Influencing Factors, Quality Management Practices, Quality Management System


Numerous building projects across the globe operate poorly to varying degrees of quality, costing money and failing to provide clients with value for their money. This study, therefore, investigates quality management practices (QMP) in construction organizations in Nigeria, with a view to enhancing project outcomes. The objectives of the study are to examine the important QMPs construction companies implement and examine the factors that influence the quality of construction projects. This study’s population comprised key built environment professionals such as architects, builders, engineers, and quantity surveyors involved in project procurement in construction companies in Lagos State. A survey research strategy was adopted for this research and the respondents were conveniently selected. The total number of questionnaires administered was 150 out of which 114 were adequately filled and returned representing a 76% response rate. Appropriate statistical tools were used for the analysis including mean, percentage, frequency and t-test. Findings from the study revealed that the most important QMPs of construction companies are feedbacks and continuous improvement measures. The topmost factors that influence quality on construction projects are inconsistent quality control instruments and procedures, and insufficient management support. The study concludes that there are as many as 23 important QMPs engaged by construction practitioners, nonetheless, the most important of them all are feedback and continuous improvement techniques. Thus, concerted efforts by construction practitioners in ensuring the implementation of all these 23 QMPs could yield tremendous improvement of the quality of projects. It is recommended that quality control instruments and procedures should be standardized across construction firms. This can be accomplished through government procurement regulations and policies.

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Oladiran, O. J., Simeon, D. R., & Abiodun, O. J. (2024). Exploring the Importance of Quality Management Practices and Influencing Factors of Construction Projects’ Quality in Nigeria. Journal of Science and Technology, 42(1), 84 - 95. https://doi.org/10.4314/just.v42i1.1359