Land Use Land Cover Changes in the Densu River Basin of Ghana from 1991 to 2020 – K. Obeng, E. K. Forkuo, J. A. Quaye-Ballard, Y. M. Asare, P. Opoku, A. S. Obeng

Regional Variation in Age at First Marriage Among Women of Reproductive Age in Nigeria -I. Adeniyi, I. R. Olonijolu, I. V. Omekam, A. A. Akinrefon and O. M. Oladuti

Influence of Yeast Strains on The Physicochemical Characteristics of Watermelon Wine - N. D. Najoin, and L. Dari

Households’ Willingness to Adopt Biogas Energy in The Birim North District of Ghana: Insights for Local Governments for Clean Energy Promotion – C. Y. Oduro, R. Adamtey and C. Amoako

Efficacy of Disinfectants Commonly Used in Some Medical Facilities in Kumasi, Ghana – M. Boata, R. Johnson, Y. A. Osei, Y. B. Duah, F. K. Amankwah, F. W. A. Owusu, S. Y. Gbedema

An Assessment of Ophthalmic Services in the Ashanti Region, Ghana – A.-K. Mohammed, A. J. Munsamy and A.-S. Ahmed

Food Label Experiences Among Tertiary Students in The Western North Region of Ghana - M.A Tandoh, R Turkson and C Apprey

Estimation of Temperature Change in the Human Brain During Magnetic Resonance Imaging Procedure – C. Subaar, J. K. Amoako, A. Owusu, K. Preko and S. K. Danuor

Published: 2023-04-21